In this very exciting first, John Taylor have invited
SMart to exhibit artists work at the Mayfair headquarters of John Taylor, London.
The information on each artist is given below.
All artworks are for sale through SMart.

Jorge Yazpik (b. Mexico City, 1955) – Abstract and geometrical, Jorge’s work is characterised by his handling of mass and the play of light achieved by creating cracks and grooves.
The works of this established, yet reserved, Mexican artist have been chosen for the courtyard as each work should be experienced from various vantage points while also inviting the viewer to touch and experience the quality of the craftsmanship.
A balance between subtraction, mass and light as crafted by man, tool and nature. The space consists of a work in Mexican wood, volcanic rock, Jade and Marble.

Eduardo Landa Velasco (b. Mexico City, 1979) – Eduardo’s creativity was developed through architectural school in Mexico and the States, then honed as a ‘fabricator’ for the now established and well respected Mexican artists.
Eduardo really came into his own whilst being mentored by Jorge Yazpik and this is the first time the two have be exhibited together. Eduardo’s work, mainly oil on canvas and photographic prints, explore the human form and emotions through, in his words, a visual conversation. A conversation between movement and a static image, a moment on an infinite loop of life.

Yvonne Domenge – (b. Mexico City, 1946) – Her work is defined by its abstract, organic, public and monumental nature.
Yvonne’s pieces invite the spectator to view them from within, to be drawn into their subject-matter, which upholds the relationship between man and nature.
We have been lucky enough to exhibit Flower, a 95x65cm bronze form which is a sculpture that beckons passers-by to step back from the bustle of everyday life and to devote some time to being attentive, examining life in detail.

Guy Allen (b. Norfolk, 19XX) – Guy discovered his passion for print making during his time in Paris studying at the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in 2010, when he became particularly fascinated with the traditional etching process.
Guy’s work is a marriage between the traditional methods of printmaking and equestrian subject matter and that of a more contemporary addition in the way of applied colour and texture.
His most recent study is of a racehorse from the famous Fellowes equestrian stables, Newmarket. The details in the etchings are beautifully executed and the addition of colour in blocks, creates a wonderful balance.

To view the works or to enquire about the prices of a specific artwork, please call Sonny Moore on 07980 307 688 or email