art106 focuses on artworks for commercial developments within the UK.

In many cases, developers are required to delegate a percentage of the build cost to ‘improvements’ or enhancements to the surrounding area. These can take the form of art or sculpture.

Art106 will act as a consultant to the development team and will offer support to ensure that both the project and the local authorities requirements are met.

In choosing art106 to act on your behalf you will gain experience of working within this element of the project. We have knowledge of the section 106 Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as well as history of working with a wide spectrum of organisations within the construction world. Be it a small scale residential or commercial project to a multi million pound masterplan we will provide a comprehensive solution to an artwork request.

  • Free meeting to discuss requirements
  • In depth proposal of creative options based on requirements
  • Support for planning process
  • Project management
  • Installation management
  • Post project support


Art106 has direct connections to a pool of very talented artists and creative practices. Based on the projects requirements and more importantly, budget, art106 will present a concise proposal.

We feel that communication and the formulation of a clear and relevant brief is key to being able to understand what is required.

Featured Artist

Nick Moore - Artist

Nick Moore – Light Artist

Nick Moore’s designs are being produced as a range of affordable products which have proven to be popular with both men and women almost of any age and/or any background.

Nick’s specialty is in the area of dramatic visual illusions and animated effects, which can be produced easily from readily available technology. From minutely engineered components to full-scale architectural installations, we are able to respond comprehensively and flexibly to the requirements of a brief.

Creative Director – Sonny Moore

Sonny has grown up surrounded by Developers, Artists and Architects. Born in the heart of London Sonny has seen London morph, grow and evolve into one of the leading global cultural hubs. With extensive travel and an education with a creative streak throughout, Sonny is fully equipped to be able to offer stimulating solutions and to manage any sized project.

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